rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

A Most Delightful Spring

Having had crap springs for the previous 3 years  the kind where you have two nice days and then it turns in summer kind of springs. I don't know if it is the contrast that makes this spring seem doubly lovely or not, but it has been really grand. Rain when needed, cool for the long term giving one time to enjoy the daffodils. Lots of of foggy gloomy days through which my mood suffered, but they do provide perfect "greenhouse" growing conditions. So everything is lush and abundant.

I've been cutting asparagus every other day for about a month now. Finally made cream of asparagus soup yesterday which made for a nice lunch today. The winter spinach is now almost finished, the last few warm days are making it flower, but the second planting of spinach is just starting to be pickable size so that has worked out like a dream.

We've been eating a lot of sauteed greens and salads. I love having these fresh greens, chard, spinach, kale, collards and lettuces and think probably it is the only time during the year I eat enough green leafys.

Anah started work and she loves it. Trent proceeds to divisional competition in hurdles. Jay graduated from high school.

Life is green and good and abundant here at Shady Grove Farm. I shall now inundate you with pictures.

Tags: asparagus, flowers, grandkids, harvest, spring
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