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Garden Progress

Yesterday the husband and the boys built a new raised bed, taller than the old one and much easier to use. I planted 5 rows of spinach and one of Romaine and another of a red lettuce. We got a bit of rain so that should help the seeds to sprout. I may have to thin everything as some was old seed and I planted it thickly. You never know if it will all sprout or none at all.

The kale in the other raised bed is up as well as the mustard greens, garlic and onions looking good. The lettuce planted in February is sprouting now.

I've been outside a lot, trying to rid the herb garden of weeds, a futile process, but giving it my best.

On rainy days have read several books, but none of great note. Can't seem to find anything that really keeps me interested. Made another sun catcher of a different kind, though not quite finished. Have started wire wrapping the bottles for a second one.

Looks like we are having BBQ'd chicken today and the kids will be coming down to eat.

My brother is recovering well from his surgery which is a relief.

Been a sad month with the death of two friends and my older children's step great grandmother, a lovely woman, 96 and still going strong till she was felled by a stroke.

Enjoying all the daffodils, hyacinths and crocus. The grass will have to be mowed soon and the flowering trees are ready to pop. Hooray for spring! Time to run the vacuum so I can get back outside.

Tags: gardening, sadness, spring

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