rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Blame it on the Moon

I have noticed over the span of the last six months or so that the Full Moon energies are very strong in me and not in a good way. I am irritable,
deeply anxious, and my heart feels like it will jump out of my chest with the next extra beat. Being only slightly educated in and connected to astrological knowledge, I googled full moon effects and found any number of sites to corroborate my intuition that the moon is to blame. Not that I couldn't find just as many sites that would displace that notion. You can certainly discover internet evidence of any theory you have mind for. Makes it easier to think that my heart palpitations are caused by the moon and that I am not having a cardiac event although instant passage to the beyond via a massive myocardial infarction makes me go hmmm.

I thought about calling this entry, "Blame it on the Weather." With 4-5 inches of snow on the ground, it is drifting down again and the temperatures are dipping into the single digits tonight. I have left this house once in the last 12 days. Trust me, there is no where to go. The early snow has melted down in to the ugly stage hardened globs of indeterminable shape pitted and dirty so the new snow will spiff that up some.

In spite of feeling like total crap a lot of the time am functioning. Been up since 4. Dinner in the oven, roast, potatoes, carrots, a hearty Sunday dinner to warm us up from the inside. The husband made oatmeal raisin cookies yesterday.

Ordered a book of Mary Oliver's poetry.

Finished "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down." An impressive poignant story of just how culturally divided we humans can be. Read it just so I could be Erin's discussion partner and ended up learning a lot.

Cast on a dishcloth, good to have around for gifts or if all mine fall apart.

Looking forward to watching "Bohemian Rhapsody" being released on Amazon Prime on Tuesday. Not a huge Queen fan, but interested in Freddy Mercury's story.

Trent moved out of my daughter's home and back in with his sister. He had been there for a year. Don't know why. He is unable to articulate his reasons. Had become attached to the kid, was sad yesterday, cried even. I will miss his loving hugs and huge smile. He was a great help around the farm and I am glad that I knew him. He says he'll be back for some my bacon and eggs, but with teenagers, or really with anyone, you just don't know. No hard feelings on anyone's part. Just time to move on I guess.

Anah was selected as a candidate for Court Warming. And invited to apply to the National Honor Society. Sure, I'm proud.

Guess I'll watch the fat flakes fall as the scarlet cardinals fight for seed beneath the feeders. I am glad life is simple here.

Tags: #bohemian rhapsody, #living the simple life, #trent leaves, #winter blues
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