rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Snowbound Day 4

The title is a bit dramatic truly, as I could leave at any time. The husband and daughter have been out and about on a number of occasions, but I have no reason nor desire to slog about in 14 inches of cold white stuff. Erin and family came for dinner, which was tasty going down, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits. I spent a week's worth of carb points on that meal. And, I made a cream cheese cranberry cake which was a hit. I, not unexpectedly, later paid for the food ecstasy with what I think I'll term "unhappy digestion" and spare everyone the gory details. But, all better this morning and trying to decide what to do.

I finished a sketch of granddaughter, Lainey and am not displeased with the result. I've done a load of towels that begs to be folded. Kitchen floor is swept, bone broth simmering on stove and husband just brought me his extra laptop to play with. Reading is a constant temptation as I am 2/3 complete with
"The Goldfinch" (enjoying it) and an equal way through the book about the Hmong people and their terrible awful experiences. Reading this book makes me even more sympathetic to all the refugees in this world. And, I know a great deal more about Southeast Asia than before. Knitting is out because the finger I cut is still sore. Designed a bracelet holder and am hoping husband can bring it into being in his woodshop. He built me a lovely efficient hold for earrings and necklaces. Fingers crossed.

On Wednesday, the weather guys say it will be above freezing, don't think one sunny day will melt this snow much. And the weekend is purported to bring a fresh layer of the white stuff. Still got plenty of food, pellets for the stove and power. Still cozy.

Thinking it wouldn't be bad to be a bear. Hibernation seems a decent option in weather like this.

Tags: #lainey, #sketching, #snow, #unhappy digestion
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