rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Eye Update

While I don't know for two weeks if the laser surgery was successful,  the procedure itself was relatively painless and quite quick. We spent more time waiting thsn doing anything else.

I was interested in the steps leading up to the zap. A myriad of drops in my left eye to numb it and to shrink the pupil. Everything became very dark in the affected eye. Then back to another room where the doc aimed the laser and zap, I felt like my eye had been poked with an ice pick, but the pain passed in an instant.

No restrictions. The doctor said he wished all his laser procedures went so well. I took that as a positive omen. A 30-minute wait to make sure eye pressure was stable and on the road home.

Some difficulty in getting the prednisone drops, as the pharmacy we used did not have them, but walmart did.

Today I slept a lot and the darkness has receded with both eyes normal now.

Fingers crossed that I get a good report in two weeks and then get the right eye done.

Tags: #eye surgery, #glaucoma
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