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In Absentia

I seem to be absent from life lately which spills over and makes me absent from LJ too. Feel certain this is due to continued anxiety about tomorrow's laser surgery. Though I am more relaxed than I was last week.  I do love the way the light changes the etched glass that hangs in the living room. Most times the pattern is barely discernable.

Of course life goes on even when I am lost in my head and I try hard to participate in family stuff and keep my mouth shut about my worries. Thus New Year's Day was pretty darned good. I made Hopping John and cornbread which we consumed with gusto. Then we put on some music and Anah had us all up dancing.

We have had some lovely weather, sunny and temps in the 50's so was able to be outside which is great for the spirit.

Saturday found us having lunch at this small restaurant we all love to celebrate the husband's 71st birthday.

Had a weird and entirely new experience when right after eating some of the new year's leftovers, my face flamed bright red and hot. It is a spicy dish and that was no doubt the cause, glad it didn't last long.

Acquired  small Bluetooth speaker and am now listening to music everyday and often dancing. Putting  lot of effort into overcoming the chronic anxiety which worsens in winter.

As part of that effort am now daily corresponding with an old friend and exchanging list of things for which we are grateful. Have had great success with this before and it is proving to be helpful once again. I do have to laugh as after I mentioned I was struggling with some aspects of aging, my friend suggested we appreciate aging. Talk about a challenge. At first I came up with things like more time, more money, less responsibility and then I totally faltered and eventually we gave up that focus and switched to appreciating our husbands, something that is almost as difficult some days.

After knitting a few dishcloths for me, went back to the lace socks. Would like to grout the bathroom mosaic soon, but it is cold back there, my excuse for the moment.

Currently reading Donna Tartt's, The Goldfinch, which is intriguing though wordy. Also reading, Spirit Catches You andYou Fall Down, a book about medical ethics centered on the Hmong refugees in Merced, CA. The book is an assignment for my daughter's class in Nursing Ethics and my reading offers her a discussion partner. Quite an interesting people, the Hmong. I am learning a lot,

Today is cold and rainy and I'll be inside, reading, knitting and hopefully dancing and grateful that it is warm and dry in here.

Tags: #dancing, #glaucoma, #knitting, #laser surgery
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