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Long Time Passing

A while since I've posted, been busy and then tired...busy again and even more tired.
Tree and decorations up>

Gifts ready to mail>
Much candy making and baking.>

Last night Anah and J made gingerbread. Craziness abounded. I accidentally turned on the mixer and it jumped out of the bowl. I guess my expression was a sight to behold, but thank goodness no evidence remains. Two icing bags had holes, in all my many years of decorating never had that happen, so cookies are not elaborate. A blessing I suppose because sugar is really rather evil.

1 dozen plus dishcloths>

Presents wrapped ( thank you Erin)>

Watched a good number of Christmas flicks>

Eye doctor appointment tomorrow so resting up for that.

Just finished "The Witch Elm" which dragged on and on. Rather a disappointment as I usually really enjoy Ms. French's writing. Looking around for what to read next.

Cards not done, but I dont send many and if they are late doesn't matter.

Weather quite warm, but lots of mud now. Jacked my back up washing the dog last week. She was chasing a rabbit and came to the door with mud crusted feet and belly. She does smell good now though.


Dec. 19th, 2018 10:40 pm (UTC)
Love your dish cloths! I made some last year and it was a great gift idea. I wish I had tried to do it again this year and had some to give. Anah and J are very sweet. It's fun having young people in the house! And your tree its beautiful - all white lights look really good!
Dec. 20th, 2018 01:35 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Now I need to make some for me lol

I love having the kids here and Anah and J are fun. He is willing to try all these new things and gives me the best hugs.

We tried colored lights a couple of years ago and just didnt like them as much.

Remember when if one light went out you had to check the whole string?



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