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More Halloween

Surprisingly enough since we made no plans, this Halloween turned out to be one of the best for years. What made it so great? It's wonderfulness was created by (believe it or not) the teenagers. We gathered at my house to eat and I was already decked out in the Viking costume. Neither Trent nor Big J had ever celebrated Halloween in a big way and so we just started painting faces and going through the boxes of costumes I keep around and those big boys were like little kids in their excitement. I was so happy to be able to give them something they had never had before.

Erin took them to town and they wandered around through neighborhoods and had fun, fun, fun.

Next year they would like to do a haunted trail through the woods here at the farm. I hope they do. We once did a Haunted Hayride here which was awesome, though I have no pictures. Perhaps the younger generation can revive the tradition. They certainly have enough energy.

The day after Halloween I took down all the decorations and by 9:30 a.m. it was all boxed up and ready to be stored. Was ready for that as it had been up a long time.

I finished the third crack in the sidewalk and really love the mirrors. Then I sorted and put away the tools and supplies deciding to wait and see how it holds up to freezing and thawing during the winter. There are three more cracks that if the first ones don't pop out I will do in the spring. Right now I can't see any of it anyway because of all the leaves.
Today I look forward to the husband cooking his famous fried chicken for Sunday dinner and seeing quite a few of the family. Then it's on to grandson Tai's birthday and then Turkey Day coming soon after.

Started reading "Strangers on a Train," by Patricia Highsmith, an older book, but not bad though a little wordy. Was excited to find "Case Histories" based on the Kste Atkinson book I just finished on Amazon Prime. I am watching it, always interesting to see what happens when the written word gets turned into video.

Had to laugh at myself this morning when I turned the clocks forward instead of back. OOPS...

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