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I'm Cracking Up

Truly this week has been not the greatest, but at least nothing is permanent in this Universe and today has so far been the best of all. The trees are turning though they say they won't peak until next week. The wind from a recent storm took off quite a few leaves. The first Sugar Maple to turn has lost most of her leaves, but they still look lovely just lying around.

The oh so wonderful Tortilla Soup was a hit with everyone except my stomach. It tasted delicious going down, not so much so as I was hurling up my guts all that night. After that tiring experience I spent yesterday blitzing "The Path" and "The Man in the High Castle," and doing very little else.

By evening I was rallying and finished the first of the lacework socks and cast on the second. I think I'm going to like them.

Today is a totally perfect example of what I want Autumn to be, crisp air, leaves on the ground, bright sunshine and very little wind, temps around 60. Having acquired some mirror tiles I worked for a bit on the sidewalk cracks, but alas ran out of goop once again and had to stop. And again the picture does not work well, but I guarantee that there are mirrors in that strip. Maybe in another light they will show up better.

Erin, Anah, and big J have gone to a local rock formation called "The Pinnacles" to suck up some sunshine and fresh air while they clamber about on the rocks. I managed a walk around the yard earlier, no small feat. The yard is huge after all, nearly 10 acres

I finished the not so great mystery and started another novel, "Case Histories" by Kate Atkinson which is proving to be interesting right from the start.

The husband went to the city and came home with swordfish and salmon so I'm thinking we will be having grilled fish tomorrow. Had planned friend chicken, but the fish will not be so messy to cook and probably better for us. Also, I can start to use up more of the sweet potatoes

Tomorrow, Erin and I may go explore Sugar Creek Lake and check out the trees up that way. Haven't visited that area for a couple of years and we get off on the reflection of the trees in the water. It's the simple things, ya know.

Tags: #autumn, #binge watching series, #reading, #sick, #sidewalk mosaic, #the man in the high castle, #the path

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