rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

First the Eyes

Yesterday had first appointment with new opthamologist. Was letting my optometrist manage my glaucoma until last visit when he wanted to add another drop making a total of 3, 2 of which have to be put in twice a day. My eyes are already constantly red and irritated, NO way do I want a third drop. He refused to listen to my suggestion to watch them for a while as I just started using CBD oil regularly, having read good things about it's efficacy in lowering pressures. At about the same time Erin was doing an observation with an opthamologist she thought I'd like and I did. My pressures have never been so low - 17 and 18, usually 23 and 24. The only things I have changed is adding the oil and getting back to meditating regularly. On the down side the angles in my eyes are narrowing and we will be monitoring those, another check in two months. Glad I changed doctors.

After that we headed out to Excelsior Springs for a two day stay at The Elms with some spa time and a lot of doing nothing.

Erin and Anah are with me, still sleeping, and Tracy will be here this morning, having spent the night in Kansas City after seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert. Can't wait to hear about the concert, she was quite excited. And hoping the kids wake up soon because I am starving.

Tags: #fleetwood mac, #glaucoma, #the elms

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