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Trent went to the Homecoming Dance in a nearby town. He certainly looked handsome all decked out in new duds, and his date is a real cutie. Anah and “Big J” will be going to our local homecoming dance next Friday. Trent will be there to, this time with a hometown girl . Erin and the gkids are building the sophomore float so I’ll once again go the parade to see the results. Small town homecomings generate a lot of events. There is a big Alumni bash at the local Municipal Auditorium. Daughter no. 2 is helping with that. I won’t be going.

I’ve picked chard, tomatoes and green beans and eaten a lot of them too
Made pickled beets.

Worked on family history - expecting my DNA results soon, so my interest has been ignited in genealogical directions again.

Finished the first in Ann Cleeves’ “Shetland” mystery series and liked it well enough to acquire a couple more.

Successfully moved forward with the lace sock that I had to lay aside a few weeks ago. Going to be a lovely pair of socks. Glad I gave it one more try.

Anah started saw yet another doctor about the injury sustained while throwing shot put months ago. He sent her to PT at a place in the city where it appears they are much more conscientious and thorough.

Made reservations to go to “The Elms” for some spa time.

No work on the sidewalk cracks, it’s been too damned hot!

Enjoyed the movie “Woman in Gold,” which I watched today. I love Helen Mirren and Klimt.

Practiced the ukulele most days but not much progress there. My fingers are really stiff, perhaps the knitting will loosen them up.

Looking forward to tomorrow when temps are predicted to be in the low 70’s F.
Also daughter no. 2 is coming to visit and bringing a movie, “The Book Club.” She has already seen it at the theater and thinks I’ll like it.

Saturday is youngest great grandchild’s 10th birthday celebration so will be doing the cake and ice cream thing that day.

That’s all I can come up with for now. Earlier I had more ideas on what to write, but today I’ve been rather foggy headed and unfocused, so whatever was in my head is now lost.

So, I’m off to pet Harold who is always grateful some good lovin’

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