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I've been working on the sidewalk cracks again, early in the morning when if there were roses, there would be dew on them. Have to get out there before it gets hot as we are still encapsulated in the endless summer of 2018. Talk about slow going. This project may be going on for years. I can only work on it for a limited time because my back and neck get jacked up. The first time I went back out there I stayed too long and suffered for it later. Today, I made a plan that I knew would be quick and once that was completed came back in. Tried for some pictures, but it is not easily photographed by my crappy phone. New cheap glass beads are winging their way to me as I can't bring myself to use gemstones out there and my supply of glass is small. Although I would prefer to use broken saucers and such, most of the cracks are shallow and beads do a better job. Using up the last of the tesserae left over from the chimney mosaic which is good, and finding that glass globs from the dollar store look great.

Just back from the local hardware store where I bought a number of small pots and saucers in which will go small succulents that have proliferated during the summer. Hoping for a rainy day tomorrow so it will be cool enough to pot them up.

Have an eye doctor's appointment in the morning for the visual field test. The techs tells me that most people really hate the test. It measures the acuity of your lateral field of vision, important when you have glaucoma like me. I don't mind the test, simply pretend it's a video game and relax with it.

Thursday another doctor's appointment to have some spots frozen off my face. Please don't let it hurt a lot :)

Labor Day turned out to be a non-holiday. All of the kids were doing other things. Erin was here briefly with some friends who had come to pick the garden. Ever so grateful to give them the produce so that it didn't go to waste. I have so much in the fridge I can't fit another thing in there. The tomatoes look like they are on their "last legs" riddled with blight again, but now and again we get a nice one. The romas are looking better than the heirlooms though they don't taste as good.

Currently reading a Dutch mystery, "A Corpse at Midnight," which is quite odd, but interesting enough that I will finish it. Watched the first season of "The Bletchley Circle" on Netflix and it kept me awake which is really saying something.

I've been waking up at 4 which I don't care for much. I'm going to start getting out of bed as soon as I wake up rather than lie there and listen to the demons in my head.

We've had a lovely bunch of rains and everything outside looks like Spring. Hoping for a nice long cool Fall to make up for the Spring we didn't have earlier. That's it from Shady Grove Farm, time to practice ukulele.


Sep. 5th, 2018 12:46 pm (UTC)
Hope things went well at the docs--I missed this one yesterday because I just opened the page, gave the sidewalk art a quick, undiscerning glance, and thought I'd read this one. Yup, total Philistine, lol.

Anyway, glad to hear you've gotten some rain. Hopefully it's been enough but not too much.

Labor Day was pretty much a non-event here as well but I got to take care of the "puppy," my daughter's Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, while she and her family spent the day at the water park. So Chancellor and I--that's his name, although he prefers just Chance--had a nice visit in the afternoon, although he did seem a little put off when I offered him a kitty treat by mistake, lol.

And so you really ARE taking up the ukulele! My disbelief is just one more shameful example of the lack of respect accorded that really cool little instrument. And that's from one who should surely know better!

One of my favorite musical groups is the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. And one of my favorite performances is their cover of Kate Bush's "Heathcliff," although there are many others of theirs on YouTube.

Have a plucky day!
Sep. 5th, 2018 01:50 pm (UTC)
Rain has been great, pond not quite full though, but maybe this week as it is in the forecast every day.

I REALLY am taking up the ukulele though where I'm going with it remains to be seen. Learning curve on anything is mighty steep, but I'm up to two chords lol. Figured it was a cheap way to try an instrument. Have a great piano on the front porch, but that would require lessons and $$. I shall have to look to the Ukulele Orchestra for inspiration.

Indeed, a plucky day sounds perfect, thanks <3

Edited at 2018-09-05 01:51 pm (UTC)
Sep. 6th, 2018 10:52 am (UTC)
Thank you, olbuksings, for the lead to the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain! I just watched Psycho Killer, Shaft and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Wonderful inspiration!
Sep. 7th, 2018 12:39 am (UTC)
Hahaha, glad you enjoyed them! And the ones you mention are among my favorites as well.

Also, "Life on Mars" is a wonderful medley which, I guess you could say, orbits around David Bowie's song of that title.

Always said I'd be sure and see them, if they ever came to the States but, like so many things in this life, they've come and gone and I missed them...
Sep. 7th, 2018 10:07 am (UTC)
How sad that you missed them!

Off to listen to Life on Mars :)



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