rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Shakin' a Leg

I did go dance. I did have a great time doing it. Enjoyed the company of my daughters, met some interesting people and ate some good street tacos. While the process involved sitting through a really doofus bluegrass band and a "Molly and her One-Man" I endured and the reggae band who is from St. Louis, showed up and they were good. Good enough to get me up and moving. Quite pleased that I made the trip and that it all turned out so well.

Kids of all kinds showed up yesterday and brought food which was great. I was relatively useless after my excitement of the previous evening. Daughter no. 2 changed the sheets on my bed. That made it really nice to crawl in to.

Still tired today and may go for a nap soon.

Tags: #clean sheets, #dancing, #daughters, #reggae
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