rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Word Prompt - High Class

Since anything that suggests we should be divided into any type of classification other than "human" really irritates me, I was having a hard time with this one. So, the husband suggested that I split the words and this is what came out.

The student was dressed and ready for school. Though she wasn't particularly excited about the day's lineup of classes, especially Calculus; she knew she had to go. Glancing over at the table she saw a half a joint left over from the weekend just lying there. And, on a mad impulse, decided to light it up and get high before going to class.

She had a great day, made an A on the Calculus test and once and for all put away the notion that smoking pot makes you stupid.

Tags: #cannabis, #high class, #smoking pot, #word prompt
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