rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Heading West

Almost packed or overpacked probably. Sort of running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off. Checking and rechecking lists. Truly as long as I have my meds and my credit cards I can buy anything I might have forgotten. But seems the days of throwing a few Things in a backpack and leaving are over. I over think everything.

Finally reached both my brother's nurse and him on the phone. He appears to be doing well and is scheduled to be released soon.  That's when the fun will begin. Quite curious how he will handle the ostomy and IV drugs with only one good hand. His son was all set to help, but they had an argument do not sure if he will still be available. My brother can be such a jerk thst he ends up pushing away all who want to be of service. Been thus way all his life, he will have to endure the consequences of his actions. I sure do feel bad for his children. They try hard.

Looking forward to getting away, excited about the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit (love ancient artifacts), concerned about the  weather (100% chance of rain on concert night), yet content and grateful for the sight of the mountains and the cooler weather.

We've decided we might be able to handle some drizzle during the concert, but not a downpour, so fingers crossed the music happens. I sure do need some Ziggy Marley to stir me up.

Unsure of wi-fi but will try to post while gone.

Time to get up and run amok some more lol

Tags: #bill, #colorado, #vacation

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