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Tantric Sex

He was a college professor, but still about ten years younger than me.  He had long curly hair that hung to his waist.  He grew the best damn ganja in fourteen counties.  I was in my early 30’s and had returned to school to see if I could still think.


He turned on my mind and eventually well we ended up as lovers J Indeed he ranks way up there on my “former lovers” list.  I was reading a book on the practice of the ancient art of tantric sex, your basic enlightenment through fucking with some ritual and other things thrown in type of manual.


Indeed we felt it would be a grand adventure.  He would call my vagina “yoni” and I would similarly honor his phallus by dubbing it “yang” .We would sit naked and look into each other’s eyes.   We would be OPEN… and if enlightenment was available via this pleasant method we would grateful.


We lit candles.  several sticks of incense perfumed the air densely.He put on some kind of new age music to up the vibe.  On a lovely tie-dyed bedspread we sat cross legged facing each other.  We stared deeply in each other’s eyes as per the instructions.


 And we laughed …loudly raucously uproariously.. we were consumed by laughter..wer were it and it was us and there was nothing in between anything… in that laughter we got just as high and just as close to the divine as we might of  had we completed the ritual. 


I think I’ll go ahead and post this, yet save it.  If I start editing I will never post it, and then my writing gets shuffled off into a dark corner in my files and no one but I will ever read it.  And I do appreciate any reading that gets done in my blog!!

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