rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,


Love a day that starts with a rainbow and the way the prism throws it's colors different places as time moves inexorably forward.

Had a good evening listening to Bob Marley while Anah played along and Erin danced.

Got just enough rain yesterday that I hope the warmth of today's sunshine will wake up the collards and kale.

Cutting and eating asparagus every day now.

Husband says hostas are emerging so soon going out to pull back the leaf cover.

A sketch of Harold, my favorite feline. He will be 10 soon. If he lives as long as the Meezer, fabled feline of mallorys_camera, he and I might have a grand old age together.

Btw, still using EFT, constantly finding new ways to apply it in my life and still pleasantly rewarded with relief.

Made a marvelous omelet for breakfast, onions, eggs, ham, spinach and cheese. Now to proceed down the big hill to get a picture of the tree where the fairies live.

Quick....before it gets too shady.


Tags: #asparagus, #bob marley, #cat, #harold, #rain, #reggae, #sketch
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