rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Sunny Day Oh Yeah

Sunny and temps in the 40's drew me out where I planted 4 rows of carrots, cosmic purple, scarlet Nantes, and a rainbow mix in the lower raised bed.

Husband planted Pal Choi and Toy Choy in tall raised bed.

Used up some older seed (fingers crossed for successful germination) and planted Scotch Blue Kale, collards, Bright Lights Chard, and Japanese Giant Red Mustard in the bed that was once the floor of the chicken house.

Picked and washed 3 gallons of spinach, will sautee with garlic later. Right now I am wiped out but in a satisfying way.

Rain forecast tomorrow which would be sweet.

Harold was no help preferring to meditate instead.

Tags: #cats are lazy, #gardening, #harold

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