rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Quilt Progress

Still working on my quilt.  Sewing the little pieces together for block #16 :)  Being a bit crabby now and again, and stuck in the house because there is ice everywhere.  

Forgiving myself for being crabby and reminding myself that probably Mother Theresa had a few bad moments.

Being grateful that my husband carries the wood in for the stove and I don't have to.

Being grateful that I didn't fall down on the ice while filling the bird feeders.

Being grateful for the slick road cause it keeps my crazy ex sister in law from visiting me.

Forgiving myself for not being more charitable.. oops there I go wanting to be Mum Theresa again... My ex best friend used to tell me that I had a lot of "wanting to be M. Theresa" moments.. I think she was right on about that :)


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