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Quiet times

Not much going on around here so little to write about. We did get snow,  maybe an inch. It was lovely this morning all unmarked and serene.

I've been, sketching, knitting on a pair of socks, and reading. Putting in time on the stationary bike, cooking, eating and feeling generally uninspired. Had a HUGE Anxiety Attack which left me shaky all day Saturday. Was very grateful that daughter #2 had planned a visit.  Her company was a blessing. We spent our time together talking and reading.

I did have a wonderful visit with my granddaughter, Anah, after school on Friday. We talked about life and watched an episode of "This Is Us" which made us both cry. It's been far too long since we've been together in this way and I so appreciate these ever more rare occasions. Just because I understand how different and busy her life is now doesn't mean I don't miss her. Just as I miss her mom who is now studying to be a Nurse Practitioner which along with working full time and being a great mom takes up all her time. Yesterday was the first Sunday in a long time thst we didn't eat together.


Jan. 16th, 2018 05:26 am (UTC)
I empathize with that. I had such serious addiction problems in the past that now I can't even go for a regular check up because I'm so super paranoid and distrustful of them (the one time I tried to get something to help with my anxiety they (the pills) made me completely suicidal. Never want to feel anything like that again...) I'm glad you have found something that really does help. I've always been a self medicator (grass) and that helps--but ya can't always just light up everywhere :S but I get by okay, I guess.

Thank you for sharing your tips with me :) I really want to learn more about breathwork, I think I'll look into that this week! I'm sorry you deal with it, too.




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