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Winding down

For me the end of the holiday season always carries with it some sadness. I don't even know why it makes me sad it's just kind of a let down after spending the whole month of December getting ready for something that lasts really only a single day. So I'm slowly taking down the decorations. I really like the ones on the Great Wazoo/entertainment center  and may leave them for a while. I'm tired of having the lights on at night and too lazy to turn them off so they're coming down.

Yesterday Anah was very good about keeping in touch with me via text and sending me pictures of their trip to Florida. They spent the night in Nashville and a little stop over at Paducah to see some huge mural by which Anah had her picture taken. Me being me, I'm having a few regretful thoughts about not going since it's like 0 degrees here. But, I really did think that I would probably cramp their style and I sure didn't want to be sitting in the car listening to rap music. It's just a bad habit of second-guessing myself.

Before I pack anything else up I am going to touch up all the dings and scratches  on the old nativity set. Way back when I was into doing ceramics, yes ceramics, husband and I painted what turned out to be a really nice nativity scene though either one of us is Christian. But the years have been rough on it and as I think I posted earlier one of the camels lost its head and the others have all been broken off at one time or another in the cracks need mending so that comes next.

I am really enjoying the sketching and many thanks togracegiver for turning me on to it and to the other LG users who post black and white pictures.

That's it for now because if I don't get started I'll never get anything else done except sitting here and playing with this silly device.


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Dec. 27th, 2017 04:16 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean about the end of the holiday being bittersweet! That's how I feel about the Hallowe'en decorations.

And is that Anah?? She is absolutely beautiful, even from a side angle like that it's obvious. She looks powerful, too. Some people exude strength and she is one of them.
Dec. 27th, 2017 09:24 pm (UTC)

Yes that is Anah.  I love that you could sense her energy from the pic, very perceotive. Very strong in many ways, amazing even. Of course I'm biased lol

Dec. 28th, 2017 12:53 am (UTC)
It's just the right picture o capture her beauty and personality. :)
Dec. 28th, 2017 03:34 pm (UTC)
Dec. 28th, 2017 04:12 pm (UTC)
Just 'cause you're biased doesn't make it not true <3
Dec. 27th, 2017 04:44 pm (UTC)
I'm ready to start packing up our stuff, but TBG won't let me. He insists we wait until Jan 6 for our undecorating.
Dec. 27th, 2017 09:26 pm (UTC)

I got most of it done today but am gonna leave my fave areas alone for a while yet.

Dec. 27th, 2017 09:45 pm (UTC)
Lucky. I can't even start. Well., I think tomorrow I will pitch the fresh branches and wreath. They are getting really dry.
Dec. 27th, 2017 05:26 pm (UTC)
We tend to keep our decorations up till the 5th of January, mostly because Christmas costs so much and I need this sucker to stretch for the full fortnight. Mainly because it is so damp, cold and dark - I probably need some alternative lights or something to cheer the place up.
Dec. 27th, 2017 09:28 pm (UTC)

I always picture England as having nasty weather. Is that true then? V er y changeable here in the middle of the states, currently frigid.

Dec. 27th, 2017 10:02 pm (UTC)
We don't tend to get much frost and snow in the south west. That mostly happens in Scotland and the North of England. London will get frost and snow but rarely much to write home about. The temperature typically hangs round 8-12c (47-53f) down here. We do, however, get battered by extreme rain and wind, especially in Cornwall. Until a decade or so ago, if we had bad gales, we would lose the electricity for days and suffer much structural damage, which is mostly trees falling, cables snapping and roof tiles being shed. We tend to get the tale end of the hurricanes from the US and surrounding islands. The plus side is that Cornwall is largely comprised of granite, so we are in quite tough houses. We are a very moist green isle,similar in topography to Wales and southern Ireland. Stunning views but very damp.
Dec. 28th, 2017 01:23 pm (UTC)
Maybe someday I'll get over there. Literally all of my ancestors were from the British Isles. I hold quite a fascination for them. And thanks for the info, very interesting.
Dec. 27th, 2017 05:40 pm (UTC)
Did you buy Maier's print?
Maybe you'll draw that one too. It really challenged me.

Dec. 27th, 2017 09:31 pm (UTC)

No I just copied the one you put up. Such a fascinating face I had to draw her. I so could not figure out the veil though. I'll post mine on your comments.

Dec. 28th, 2017 12:09 am (UTC)
I know what you mean about the feeling of bittersweet.
Dec. 28th, 2017 01:18 pm (UTC)
So many things are that way.
Dec. 28th, 2017 12:55 am (UTC)
Don't you people still keep your decorations up for New Year's Eve?

(beginning to wonder if that's a post-communist thing of me to do)
Dec. 28th, 2017 01:17 pm (UTC)
For many years we heated our home with a woodstove and the tree got really dry. I was in the habit of taking it down right away to avoid the needles all over the floor. Many other people leave theirs up till 12th Night.
Dec. 29th, 2017 02:07 am (UTC)
I guess I'm too sleepy to feel anything but relieved that the season is ending. Granted, I don't decorate much and my sole contribution to the great feast is the cranberry sauce.
Dec. 31st, 2017 02:31 am (UTC)
Love the picture of Anah and love that she kept in touch...
Dec. 31st, 2017 01:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I think it's a grest pic. Guess she hsd to be away from me to appreciate me? They'll be home today and I am so excited!
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