rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Waiting for the fudge

Thought the fudge was going to boil over so had to turn down the heat, now it's taking what seems like an eternity, but of course is not.Truly thought I had made enough goodies to last till the "big day", but the family has been steadily noshing away and my sweeties are depleted. This result makes me think that next year I'm hiding it all.

Made a cheese ball and the husband wrapped the last 2 presents so as soon as this fudge reaches 234 degrees I can relax. Or at least try.

234 reached, successfully. Temp must now drop to 110 degrees st which time it us ready to best. Can't wait for that, husband did say he would switch off with me. The beating phase kinda sucks.

While waiting for the temp to fall, I wandered to the back of the house and banged on my drum. That felt good. Gratitude filled my heart as I felt my many blessings around me. I love this old place.

I mailed 8 cards this holiday season. We have received 5 and one of those as from the dog food company. I remember when a child I watched my father address 150 cards. He sent them to all guys he'd known in the war plus relatives. I delighted in receiving the oldest cards. I cut out the designs and made my own winter scenes stuck on the multi-paned front door. And there was fake snow and glass wax stencils, no glass surface left untouched.


Candy temp now 136. Beating the candy looms ever closer.

Where is Willie Wonka when you really need him?

Tags: christmas, cookies, fudge, willie wonka

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