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Got the call about 6:30 p.m., Erin headed to the ER with Anah who was lightheaded,having  difficulty  breathing, and accelerated heart rate. Fright enveloped me and I threw on my clothes and headed for the car. By the time I was backing out of the driveway,  got a text saying, "Don't come, she's ok." Diagnosis- panic attack with hyperventilation. Yesterday was the 1 month anniversary of Eli's death, perfect trigger. Not the first time she's had a PA, but one of the worst. Because they are one of my personal curses, I feel extra bad for the kid,  knowing how horrible it feels. On the brighter side at least I've learned some coping techniques through the years that I can pass on, but I sure wish she had not inherited my propensity for anxiety.

Their trip to the hospital coincided with the end of a fierce thunderstorm complete with lightening, thunder and as we soon found out tornadoes. Tornadoes touched down in a small town just a few miles away and destroyed at least one historical building and then blew north to another small town taking out a trailer and damaging residences. Thankfully only one injury requiring hospital care and that was an ankle. About 10 years ago in the same village a number of folks perished. Power was out in over 600 residences in the larger town about a mile away.

Odd enough to see December thunderstorms, but tornadoes? That's downright freaky.

Grateful that Anah is ok and that no one was badly hurt by the winds.

Wondering WTF is going on with the weather and hoping it's just a cycle and not a foreshadowing of worse to come.

Tags: anah, panic attack, storms, tornadoes, weird weather

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