rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,


▪getting ready for Turkey Day, amazing how much energy the planning, preparation and serving of one meal can consume.

▪joined a FB group for hippies, hoping to meet some old ones like me, pretty certain I'll be woefully disappointed.

▪had a spell of vertigo that lasted about 2 hrs. I so dislike that feeling. Probably hypostatic bp with a touch of dehydration. I never drink enough in winter.

▪felt called by the cards and did a few readings, realized how rusty I am.

▪made 2 loaves of bread for the dressing. Having to beat people back from it so there will   be some left for Wednesday.

▪stuck the sweater in the drawer till a future date. No time to knit.

▪been tired.

▪cried once.

▪watching "Parades End." Enjoying Benedict Cumberbatch.

▪found a folder of emails from an online lover (2008), good stuff, oh my how I've changed.

▪almost finished another book

Stuff, just stuff, that makes up the days, fills up the hours and puntuates the moments of my

Tags: stuff, turkey day, vertigo
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