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Groceries On Demand

While pondering what I might give my brother for the holidays this year, I looked up and and saw an open tab for Roasted Hazelnut Butter. A definite omen, my first purchase, oh my. I was reminded of the days when as a very young wife I could call up Payton's Market and order my groceries and they would bring them to my door. That seems to be coming round again, though I liked it better first time round.

The turkeys in the window are dancing their butts off today, inspired by the lovely day no doubt. I went out and found the kale to be in great shape and cut some for some soup. The herbs are looking good too and I loved being able to cut some fresh thyme. Realizing just now that I didn't look at the spinach and chard under the plastic in the raised bed. Perhaps the husband will do that.

He's totally in my good graces at the moment having given me 4 stainless steel ice trays for my birthday which isn't even here yet. I've wanted those trays for a long time, love them! And, I think he ordered me a new tablet as mine is having charging issues. I would have just put up with it, but he is always buying new electronic devices for both of us. He spends a lot of time on his desktop, but today he's out blowing the leaves into piles for later pickup and inclusion in his gardening process.

I made an apple pie this morning. Not for us though, for some doctor where my youngest works; and I'm not even certain if it's a bday thing or what, but it's made and checked off my list. I also managed to get all the houseplants watered. Yeah me!

Yesterday I walked. Today my back hurts. Hmmm.. Not walking today, glad to be finished with all tasks that require me to remain upright.

Today among available networks I saw a DEA Drone listed. Interesting. I can only hope they are becoming interested in what might be a meth lab in the hollow. Still, I don't like it that they are spying on us from the sky. If they're watching or listening to me, they are pretty bored.

Time for relaxation, another episode of Brideshead..., a bath, who knows. I started a new book, another in the Ian Rutledge series by Charles Todd, set in the same time frame as Woolf and Waugh write about and lived in, but by no means is it literature.

May peace find you today and every day...


Nov. 17th, 2017 02:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you for bringing up such a sweet memory of having groceries delivered. When I was with my ex-husband we lived with and cared for his grandmother the first two years of our marriage, and she would have a local store deliver groceries. At the time I was working 7 days a week, 6 of them midnights and she would be up when I got home, so I'd fix her breakfast and get her dressed and ready for her day. I'd ask what she wanted me to take out for dinner, and whenever it was something that we didn't have and I'd tell her that I would go pick it up after having a nap I would always awake to find that she'd have ordered everything. We didn't always get along (she really didn't like me at first), but I cannot even describe how happy and grateful I was to know her and care for her, and happy that she came to accept me and let me be a part of her family.
Nov. 17th, 2017 03:13 pm (UTC)
That's such a lovely loving story. Thanks for sharing.



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