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Jealous Pets

Harold found out I didn't post his pic so to be fair here he is. He is, after all, my favorite, the oldest, and the King

And Harold told Natty, the dog so to keep everyone happy she is now included too.


Nov. 16th, 2017 03:38 pm (UTC)
Wow... Just, wow. What a gift. The girls, Anah especially, must've been just blown away :) I'm blown away just reading about it. Natty is truly special. They all are, no matter how they come to us, but what you're describing has only happened to me once (with my sweet Ninja boy) and there was such a powerful bond between us. The universe handed him to me the same way it delivered Natty to your doorstep (amazing...) and he was a gift every single day after that. I think he still visits me from the Other Side...every once in awhile I'll catch a glimpse of a black cat tail (just the tip, he always walked with his long skinny tail straight up and the little tip would be hooked) out of the corner of my eye. Makes me smile every time <3

My condolences for Kumar. It must've been a horrible shock for you, but the fact that he didn't suffer is indeed a true blessing. My Nin suffered terribly, but I did everything in my power to shelter him and give him a happy/healthy life (he ended up being special needs, but I didn't care and never considered it "work". He was my family.)

And they definitely do miss each other when one departs. Leela (my 16 year old grey tabby) looked for Nin for days after he passed...all his usual spots...laundry baskets...dining room chairs...it killed me. I was insane with grief and I don't know what would've happened if I hadn't had the Tinman beside me to hold me up.
But Harold's in a great place. He's got a human who loves him dearly and other animals to prop him up... Enjoy the love :)



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