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Trying to get back to a regular meditation practice. Up until about a year ago had been very faithful to sitting for at least 15 minutes, sometimes more, nearly every day; but as so often happens in my life, I got away from the habit and have not been doing any type of formal meditation.

Happy that I can once again sit on my red cushion, because at the time I stopped my back pain prevented me from using it. I like it better than sitting in a chair.

Pleased to find that I can do 15 minutes easily still. I'm thinking this is because all the breathwork and mindfulness stuff I do when I wake up in the middle of the night has kept me in the necessary mindset.

Hoping that I can once again establish a habit of sitting for at least 15 minutes every day.

Continuing to do some upper body work with small hand weights on a not so regular basis, but at least I'm trying.

Failing lately to get out the door and walk down the road a ways and then back home. It is so fricking cold out there, 28*F this morning. I turned on the heating pad, wrapped up in a blanket and took a morning nap.

Employing retail therapy as distraction and having a love/hate relationship with this great pair of black boots I bought today. I love them, but I really don't "need" them and probably won't wear them much...blech. I wish I could just get over feeling bad about spending money on things I just want, but don't need.

Surviving a challenging week. Sometimes I think they're all challenging and then I realize just how blessed I really am.

Thinking this post could go places I'd rather not end up so saying goodnight. Hope we all sleep well and dream of flying.

Tags: #boots, #dreams, #meditation, #mindfulness, #not exercising
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