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Thoughts Before Sleep

Last night was unpleasant, littered with nightmares that woke me and left me trembling, sweaty and fearful. I'm hesitant to go to bed in case there might be a repeat performance. Could be the fallout from sadness about the Vegas tragedy and Tom Petty's death that brought all that on? Could be the withdrawal, it wreaks havoc on sleep.

When I have night like that, the morning seems to hold on to the unease of the hours before and I feel groggy, tired, and unmotivated. Thus, this morning I did nothing much and finally decided that taking a nap might wash away the leftover feelings. I wrapped myself in my most comfy blanket and nodded out on the couch and awoke with a much better attitude.

Put away my laundry, cleaned out the fridge, and picked quite a few tomatoes, most of them from a volunteer plant in the garden down by the barn. They are a lovely orange fruit. We don't remember planting anything like that last year so perhaps they come from a yellow bonded with a red? Who knows? Glad to have them as it's quite late for tomatoes here and a friend recently requested a tomato pie and now I've enough tomatoes to make her one for her birthday.

Worked on the sweater some more. It's coming along nicely. I am reminded that I forgot to look to see if I have another size 7 circular as I have to split the back in two sections to make room for a medallion in the middle so am going to need a second needle.

I'm rereading "Mrs. Dalloway." After doing some research and reading a lot of reviews of the book, I want to read it more critically. I'm even taking notes. I had forgotten that the movie, "The Hours" is based on the book. Now I want to rewatch it too. The language is so lovely that it is like a poem really with characters displayed in a series of vignettes all set within a single day whose pace is marked by the clocks and church bells that note the time in London. More on this later, I'm getting sleepy.

It would be a shame to waste these moments when I feel so alive and so me once again so I won't lie down yet. I just started yet another British mystery series which is set in the same time and place as "Mrs. Dalloway," post WWI Britain and follows the career of one Inspector Ian Rutledge, a shell shocked veteran who works for Scotland Yard. I will read until "night closes these tired eyes."


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Oct. 4th, 2017 04:28 am (UTC)
Oh my, that sweater!! It's going to be gorgeous, I love that color you chose.
Oct. 4th, 2017 11:36 am (UTC)
Thanks, I'm sure hoping I get it done...lol
Oct. 5th, 2017 01:37 am (UTC)
I've been tempted, too, to make a second run at "Mrs. Dalloway." And the way you're proposing to do it is likely the only way to do it right. I just don't know if I have that in me, right now.

And you're right also, I think, about the huge drag on spiritual energy that such negative and downright evil events exact from this world and its inhabitants.

I had wanted to respond to your comment of several(?) days ago, but just could not find the energy or sense of purpose to do it. In fact, had made at least two attempts at it before giving up.

But I still want you to know that I was sorry to hear of your difficult nights and wished that I could provide some sense of peace or comfort in the midst of your struggles. And I'm also glad to read, tonight, that you've found at least a bit of it on your own.

Or, depending on what you believe, that the positive thoughts of friends have helped bring you there.

Best always, L
Oct. 5th, 2017 01:07 pm (UTC)

I'm all about believing that positive thoughts from others help us through the tough times and I appreciate that you took the time to respond during what I know are difficult times in your own life.

And, if you ever do feel like further discussion of Clarissa and the others, I'll be ready. There's so much depth in that book that it could be dissected and discussed  endlessly.

Be well,

Oct. 19th, 2017 12:19 pm (UTC)
I thought I had replied before but no, only in my soggy brain. How wonderful to make the tomato pie for the friend and the tomatoes being a gift from The Universe.

I'm dreaming of tomato pies again. Had frozen part of the last one I made and it is now gone. The place up the road still has the FL tomatoes, apparently the storms did not bother the crops, think I need to go out today and get pie supplies. I used mozzarella instead of cheddar, do you have a favorite cheese for your pies?

The sweater is lovely! Blue is my favorite color, ha!, and this one is a lovely shade. :)

Oct. 19th, 2017 01:23 pm (UTC)
I relate to soggy brsin, have fibro too, been in flare after trying to cut meds.

Last time I used Co jack cause that's what I had. Think white cheddar might be good. Mozarella sounds like another good option, husband said he saw some yellow tomatoes on a volunteer plant in the far gatden, goong to check those out today, might get one more made. IBS flaring too so knowing pie freezes, well is a npon for me, could make one for later when I could eat it. Thanks for that piece of info.

Glad you like the sweater, slow going. Blue is my fave color too!
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