rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Having a Go at Creativity

No writing, no drawing, not much of anything in the way of creativity in a while. Gardening and yard maintenance plus running here and there combined with heat just sucks all my creative energy away during summer.  Now that the outside stuff is slowing down and the temps are tolerable I want to get back to hands on creation. For starters there's a wire wrapped bottle

and for inspiration I took an idea from egg_shell and ordered a couple of new journals. I even stole her picture of this one.

The other journal is another of the Q&A series, on writing.

Of course I'm still knitting, but since it's basically following a pattern, it doesn't feel very artsy to me.

Thank you Mary for always being an inspiration and for the picture.

Tags: art, fall, inspiration, journals, wire wrap

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