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Been Knitting

The garden has slowed down. It's very dry here in Missouri. And there are a lot of chiggers, a really nasty tiny creature that bites in the most awful places. Thus, I have remained inside and switched to knitting.

I am working on motif #4 of 7 that make up the waist of the  Celtic knot sweater.

I finished the socks. And I like them.

Today I mended two pair of socks, not my favorite task, but I have a hard time tossing hand knit socks,so I darnedd. Failed to get the husband to make me a darning egg so ordered one from good old Amazon. Today I used a lid that didn't work too badly.

Every morning I cruise the garden and pick what's out there, lots of cucumbers, the odd zucchini, a few tomatoes and today I pulled some more beets. The green beans that were planted in April are still blooming and should have another crop soon. Never have I had green beans so long lived. The husband continues to to say it's due to the worm castings he added to the soil. He could be right. He has been before.

Moose was accepted back into the foster program and went to his new home about 90 miles from here, last week. I am hoping he will be loved there. I tried, but he was just so big that he was a danger to my remaining upright. Erin and Anah are relieved. Not only was he destructive, but he was expensive. I think Erin has learned her lesson well this time and will not be adopting another dog, not ever.

On Monday last our old dog encountered a young raccoon sitting in the birdbath. He/she had been stealing the birdseed for some time. Natty turned into a killer and snapped the coon's neck quickly. I felt sorry for it, but Nature will prevail. At least the mystery was solved as to how the raccoon was reaching the feeder, hah - by climbing into the birdbath.

The weather has been unseasonably cool for the last couple of weeks and I've been walking in the local park where there is a delightful trail, nicely paved and wandering through the old oak forest. I am most grateful to be up to walking 30 minutes now. Last year I couldn't make 10, so huge improvement in mobility...YES!!

The air is quite heavy today, perhaps it will rain. Rain would be appreciated and welcomed.

I've been tired and rather out of sorts all week. Though my children make fun at my ideas, I attribute my state of weariness to week this marking the death of Jerry Garcia, the bombing of Nagasaki, a full moon and the coming eclipse. That's a lot of powerful energies coming together imho.

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