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Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

And while I was off dancing, the husband watched over the gardens, harvesting beans cucumbers and zucchini, feeding Natty and the cats. My niece once referred to him as a "place saver." This is an apt definition. He traveled a lot in the 45 years he worked and now doesn't want t go anywhere far away. One of the ways in which our marriage works I guess.

There was a murder/suicide in the nearby town. Some 60 year old guy shot a somewhat younger woman and then turned the gun on himself. Geez what is wrong with people. Crazy crap happens all the time even in little old Moberly.

The garden continues to produce well. We are having regular rains and temps in the 80-90F range, not bad for July.

The tomatoes are not thriving. Damp weather brings on blight, fingers crossed that we that skips us by this season. I do like to put up a few jars of tomatoes for winter.

The green beans just keep on giving. Planted in a raised bed that the husband loaded up with worm castings they have outdone themselves. Picked a half gallon today.

Wisconsin crops seemed to me to be about a month behind ours. The peonies were in bloom. They were just picking the first strawberries and asparagus.

Kudos to the husband for having the house all cleaned up when I got home on Monday. All I had to do was collapse on the couch plus he made sauerkraut!

Actually the couch might be calling me. Reading the newest in Ian Rankin's "Rebus" series, hard to get back into, has been over a year.

I've also been watching "The Hundred" on Netflix which I find to be quite stupid at times, but it makes for background noise when I knit.

Still tired, but functioning

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