rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

And the rain subsided...

Yesterday was lovely and I got two bags of mulch down on the west side of the house. Yay! Progress. The lettuce is exploding, sucking up rain and growing tall and lush. Found enough spinach for the meal I had planned. Currently fascinated with spaghetti squash and finding mixtures to fill it. Chicken Alfredo with spinach yesterday, yummy.

Seems like everyone of my daughters is in crisis. Stress is rife in get togethers. Two of them could be lumped together under the head of "relationships", another has serious concerns that she might lose her long term, well paying position in a corporate shakeup and one has health issues. I do listen well, and know this is temporary, but it's tiring.

Anah got her braces on and suffered loudly for the first couple of days. I know it hurts and I feel for her. Made chicken noodle soup for, easy to slurp down. She seems to be feeling better today.

And the rain is back today along with chilly temps. Will be getting out later for Wednesday lunch. Good food and good company lie ahead.

I repaired a necklace and made another, fun to get my hands back into creating something.

Tags: braces, jewelry, kidswithissues, rain

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