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It's Not Christmas

...but the Christmas cactus is blooming again. Maybe it's just confused. She's rather old, birthed from a start given me by the husband's grandmother. Odd, but then, it's been a odd year from Mother Nature.

The spinach that we planted last September is at last going to seed. I picked a couple of gallons this morning and pulled up a number of plants. There are a few that were planted later so we will have some to add to salads for a while yet. There are five gallons of spinach in the freezer. I'm thinking spinach strawberry salad with glazed pecans and if I wasn't so so tired a balsamic reduction would be nice.

I am, however, tired. I've been supporting my brother as he moves closer to having half of one of his big toes amputated. Infection in the bone. On Monday I'll take him to the hospital and hopefully this intervention will take care of the infection and he'll still be able to walk. He is my only sibling, 5 years younger, and very needy. Lost his wife to cancer just a few years ago and kind of just fell apart.

On the same day my oldest daughter is having a stress test because she has been having chest pains. I really don't think there's any wrong with her heart nor does her sister who worked in cardiology for years, but she will feel better knowing all is well. She just had a yearly physical and a number of other issues surfaced, could be serious or not. More tests ahead.

The trees are bursting with blooms, red buds, apples, pears and the cherries.

The weather this week has been truly enjoyable and I have taken advantage of it working in the yard and gardens every day. No truer joy do I know than being with Nature. My back has felt great and I am getting to clean up areas that I haven't touched in a couple of years. Thank you Universe, I do appreciate your gifts.


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Apr. 14th, 2017 10:32 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I hope that everything will work out for him and your daughter.

Great news on the spinach! Now you will have it to enjoy later in the year.
Apr. 16th, 2017 01:48 pm (UTC)
Apr. 16th, 2017 04:19 pm (UTC)
Apr. 15th, 2017 03:57 am (UTC)
Gorgeous yard! I can tell you enjoy piddling about w. the plants and enjoying it. Glad the body is feeling better and you can get out and work as you like too. So pretty w. everything blooming. We had that weird too warm Feb/March and too much bloomed too early. Bradford pears, red buds, cherries, etc, all bloomed w.in short time and some overlap but now all past bloom. The last to bloom were the dogwoods and w.in a few days the leaves were already showing through too. The wisteria bloomed and also had a shorter life than usual and it is usually what, a week or two maybe?

I'm sorry to hear of your brother. I hope the surgery improves his quality of life a lot.

My older brother has only half a foot bc of a blood clot in a small vein. He had the misfortune of it being the time the hospitals in town were combining and the surgeon and family Dr seemed to be at odds. Finally family Dr sent him to Huntsville to a different surgeon but to save his leg - and life - required losing half his left foot. He has done well but still, it did not have to happen if the surgeon/hospital was not having a pissing contest over money.

Apr. 16th, 2017 01:45 pm (UTC)
Yep i do love playing outside, so glad I'm able to do it this year.

My wisteria is just coming out.

Medicine for profit alone makes me so angry. It has turned into a business run like everything else by corporations and patients are lost in the shuffle. Good to hear your brother is doing ok.

Edited at 2017-04-16 01:46 pm (UTC)
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