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Good Report from Eye Doc

Been to the optometrist twice recently. First time was for the visual field test. I seem to be the only person who thinks it fun to do the test. I always sit down and say, "Oh fun", and then the tech tells me, no one says that.

They have a new machine, much smaller and much quieter, but less of a video game type experience. But you still get the flashing lights and the button to punch when you see one. I will admit to getting a little anxious if it seems like it's been a really long time since a light has flashed.

Then today was the exam to see if I needed a new prescription for glasses. Nope didn't, vision has changed little over the last three years. Yay me.. alhamdullilah,ty you Jesus, etc. Some years ago I gained a glaucoma diagnosis and today's pressures were the lowest they have ever been. Thus am feeling good about the whole vision thing remaining stable.

Even more good luck, he didn't dilate my eyes so I can go outside and stumble around and see if there's something I want to do or just sit in the sun.

I made the reservations for the hotel when we go to see Ziggy Marley. The show is held in a place called "Big Top Chataqua" and is actually a huge circus type tent located on the shores of Lake Superior. None of us (me, Anah, Erin) have been to that part of the country so it's exciting in many ways. Erin is going to drive and we'll go as far as Des Moine, IA on the first night and finish up in Bayfield, WI the morning of the concert.

What an amazingly exciting day it's been, good things all around and the sun is shining, I love that!

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