rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

There is hope...

No fever this morning. Yay. I view that as a sign that there is a light st the end of the tunnel. My thought processes are quite scrambled and I am not myself, but someday soon I may be.

Tis a mystery to me how a human can sleep as much as I have and still be this tired.

I feel as if I've lost an entire week of my life.

Now Erin and Anah are sick. We are a lovely bunch.

Must go try to eat even though the mere thought of food is loathsome, I really don't need to lose more weight as I'm down 5 lbs already.

My attitude is slipping into the dark depths which doesn't help.

I think I'll take a bath.

I'm out of here.

Tags: bath, fever, sick
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