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Screaming at the Universe

I think I must be approaching the Universe incorrectly or not stating myself well since I am not getting what I want, and I AM trying.  I DO meditate, I DO breathwork, I DO yoga.  I study, I pray.

What do I want?  That is simple.  I want stability and peace of mind as without these I am quite useless to myself, other humans, or the Universe.

So, I just stood in the middle of my kitchen and screamed out my intentions, scared the dog and cat, but hey maybe I made myself more clear this time :)

OK Universe, listen UP!!

I desire long periods of stability.

I desire peace of mind.


I am grateful that I am not afraid to write this down.
I am grateful that the sun just might shine today.
I am grateful for the struggle as it makes the reward so sweet.
I am grateful for the inspiration provided by my LJ friends.

Tags: gratitude, withdrawal
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