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Brain Zaps

I am grateful for LJ because I can now see quickly how the symptoms from  my antidepressant withdrawal manifest.  Last post on this was Nov 11.

Today the brain zaps are back with a vengeance.  I researched this phenomena and see that they can last for months, and nearly everyone gets them. 

I am grateful that they will eventually go away.  

Such a strange almost undefinable sensation, it is very disconcerting.  I have spent much of today in bed, and man am I grateful that I have a life that allows me the rest I need.

Expecting daughter number two, her husband, and daughter quite soon.  They are bringing Anah back from daughter number three's house where she spent the night.  Thus, I gotta get up and get going :)

Also have a upper respiratory thing that is making me cough a lot.  Might that be the reason for the reoccurence of the zaps.. not something I nor anyone else can answer with any reliability :)

Tags: antidepressant withdrawal
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