rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Mid week

Anah was home from school yesterday recovering from a stomach bug so we watched some older Disney flicks and after a while she announced she was starving so definitely on the road to recovery. I had made chicken noodle soup which she ravenously  consumed and then took a shower and was good as new. Ah the recovery powers of youth. I miss that.

Later on Dylan's friend, Zach, came to say goodbye. Before going back to Alaska he is going to visit Japan where he grew up. I told him to have marvelous adventures and come back and tell us his stories. I don't think I'll be having too many more adventures again, but do plan to go to Colorado again for ARISE.

Today is lunch at Ingrid's house and though I'd rather be home alone, I'll go and do my best to be sociable although I'm getting really lousy at small talk.

Had a wee bit of sunshine yesterday, but the rest of the week looks to be cloudy. I'm ready for spring and getting outside, January and February always seem so long and dismal.

Researching making some pincushions as I'm weary of that darned sock again.

Back to reading the Inspector Morse series.

Sheet rock going up in Erin's house and after that she should have an idea of when she can move in. She's getting rather desperate to have her own space. As I suspected, it has taken much longer than predicted, but it will be a lovely home. Just another lesson in patience.

And that's it from Shady Grove Farm...

Tags: erin's house, reading, zach

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