rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

It's All About Christmas

Almost midpoint on the march toward Christmas and this year I'm actually ahead of schedule. Tree went up yesterday and is mostly decorated except for one misplaced box of ornaments which I hope turns up today.

The grandchildren made and decorated sugar cookies yesterday. I wonder how long it will be before I stop sticking to things in the kitchen. They had some problems with the piping and we're not as pleased as they might have been, but they still taste good.

At least the glaze turned out right.

Erin wrapped almost all the presents and the shopping is almost complete.

As always I'll be glad when it's all over. Used to be a favorite time of year, but having it shoved down my throat from October on combined with the focus on acquiring more stuff, the glitter has gone.

Never thought I'd be a Bah Humbug sort, but I'm turning into one.

Busy week ahead, band concert, Wednesday lunch and the husband has his scope today.

Tags: christmas
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