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Early to rise??

After a night of turning and tossing I have finally decided to get out of bed and do something. What that something will be I do not know as yet.

First will be email, and that takes a considerable amount of time. I am increasingly amazed at the amount of time I spend on this computer.

A captive of the virtual world I have become, but it's not a stressful captivity. Instead I am meeting people with similar interests and talking to intelligent individuals. That is something that does not happen much in the rural area where I live...

To walk or not to walk is one of the questions of today. I would rather not, as I must watch Anah at 10, and then we are visiting Paige so my whole day would be taken up, and I do have some items I'd like to get to.

I am wholeheartedly enjoying doing readings for Bluerose Tarot. It has extended my learning curve unbelievably quickly. And that's something for me, as age has taken its toll on my ability to learn. So, I've got four reading to get done today and then I can do more. The more I do the more I understand, and the easier it becomes.. I like to lay out the spread, make quick notes that I see immediately, and then meditate on the cards and add deeper insights.

Ok.. on to that email....
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