rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

The Friday Five

1. What is your favorite food to eat prepared by someone else (parent, spouse, friend, etc.)?
2. How many times a day do you typically eat?
3. How often do you cook for yourself?
4. I wish I ate more:______________________
5. If I want a "real breakfast," I:_______________________

1. I love daughter #4's lamb biriyani. She dated an Indian man for several years and became a maker of awesome curries in the process.
2. I usually eat twice a day, but sometimes nibble all day long,
3. Not often, as I am always cooking for other people, but sometimes I will get a yen for a  certain dish only I like, and I will make it for myself,  For instance, ratatouille.
4. I wish I ate more green leafy vegetables. Really fall down in that category,
5. I make blueberry pancakes or bacon, eggs, and hash browns.

Tags: #fridayfive

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