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New Washer

We've been waiting for the old washer to die. It screams so loudly you'd think it would just stop, but it hasn't, and we bought a new washer today. The husband wanted to go back to the old school with agitator and other bells and whistles. I had no objections. The "old" washer was only five years old, a prime example of planned obsolesence. The repairman, my nephew, said use it till it dies and be sure to replace it with a Maytag/Whirpool product. But we couldn't stand the screaming. And, I survived, going to Lowe's (yay me) which leads me into the 2nd thing I wanted to record so I will remember it.

After being prescribed Tramadol for the pain in my lower back, I waited an entire year to even try it. After all the trouble I've witnessed and experienced with prescription drug addictions, I did not want to add another to my list. But the pain was great and there were things I wanted to do that required standing up so I tried one. Got some relief and no awful side effects. The thought of dependency concerns me greatly. Doctors hand out meds like candy. But, they can be so damaging.

I think perhaps none of this matters when put in relation to my life expectancy. The next washer might outlive me. Nearing that big 70 birthday in the next few weeks, I am thinking, wow man, that is really O L D. I think I'll get busy at something.

Autumn with her stark clothes of brown and yellow comes
I get melancholy for a while

Off to fold laundry
Tags: addiction, autumn, laundry, lowerbackpain, new medication, new washer, pain medication

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