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Another Blog Idea - Stuff

I need to get rid of some of the stuff in my house again.  I have an entire cabinet full of vintage linens that I can't imagine ever using again.. I mean UGH.. I don't like to iron... but I digress as I am wont to do..

By putting this concept down on paper I believe I am more likely to act on this than if I just carry it around in my head thus:

Create a blog in which I write about and put up for sale items from my personal collections.. I have a lot of stuff still, and I have tried giving it away to my children, but they have too much stuff too.. even more STUFF than me.

note* I tried to knit last night and this afternoon.  EWWW... I just can't seem to get control of the damn needles LOL, so I put that STUFF back in the closet.. the craft closet where I keep all the craft STUFF..

Enuff about stuff... Anah will home soon, and I must get ready to protect the cookies I baked until after dinner...

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