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Life Moves on

I sat down to write this post and immediately heard the unmistakable sound of a cat hurling up his cookies somewhere nearby. Having already spent too much time looking for a finding a dead mouse, I just don't think I can make myself get up and go on cat vomit search. I'll find it soon enough.

Ever since I went to the Halloween party I've had a lot of back pain which I attributed to sitting for a prolonged period of time on a not so great love seat. Admittedly I did go outside also and finish whacking back the garden phlox and some other things. I'm pretty certain that didn't help the situation. I'm quite grateful to be able to sit here with an ice pack on my back and relax.

They poured the concrete into the forms for the basement walls today. Progress.

My niece sent me a text telling me that my brother was in the ER with a possible bloodclot in his leg. I didn't really even have time to react before she had sent me a second text saying, no clot and bro is on his way home. Another bullet dodged.

The shawl is coming along nicely. I got a different needle and it has made a lot of difference in how fast I'm going. It's pretty boring, but that can also be meditative, long rows of garter stitch.

I have made up my mind about the upcoming voting circus and am at peace with my decision. I've always been quite apolitical and sometimes a bit anarchist and have tried my damnedest to avoid all thought and discussion of the available choices to pilot the great ship of America through whatever comes next.

I made crab cakes, asian slaw and roasted potato wedges for dinner.

I spilled the dressing for the slaw on the counter and ruined about half of my looseleaf notebook of recipes. And I still haven't put the stuff back in the closet that I took out when I was searching for the dead mouse. He was fragrant indeed. Though I could have removed the corpse myself, I was most grateful to the husband who disposed of it quite handily.
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