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A Bit of Accomplishment

Still having such amazingly lovely days and still no frost. I've held back from doing the last bit of "putting the gardens to bed." However, yesterday I got up off my butt and got at least half of the garden phlox whacked back and spread a partial bag of mulch that had been sitting out for months. It did feel good and hooray I can still walk this morning. I was thinking I had not done any damage to my wonky joints until I sat down to type and now my shoulder is twinging. Hope that passes as I'd like to finish clearing out the herb garden, then maybe, just maybe I'll be able to get it in shape easier come spring.

I picked over a dozen large Anaheim peppers yesterday,now what to do with them. Only two plants and they produced a huge amount. The earlier ones I stuffed with cheeses and wrapped in bacon, then grilled them and omg they were truly scrumptious. Not really wanting to go that route again as I ate so many I got rather burnt out on them. Maybe one of the kids will want them, or I'll find another idea. Crazy rather, picking peppers in late October.

The thyme has spread out in an amazing way and the tiny roses are still blooming. The basil on the deck looks great. I don't remember a fall in which we haven't already had a killing frost by this time. Odd to have colorful leaves and annual still blooming.

Anah's two doctors concurred, yes she has asthma. She had a chest x-ray, got a new maintenance inhaler and is scheduled for a pulmonary function test next Friday which will determine if she needs to see a pulmonologist. She seems to be feeling well enough as she went to a movie get together at a friend's house last evening.

I talked to the local library who gave me the info I needed, downloaded the app to the audible books, and go figure every single one I wanted I had to put on hold. I am most looking forward to hearing "Rebecca," a book I once swooned over. I was able to listen to a sample and fell in love with the reader's voice. I'm a fool for a British accent :)

No school today, so it's probably time to get our costumes ready for the party tomorrow. Mine is mostly complete. I had planned to bone up on reading Tarot this week, but didn't so guess I'll just wing it. Choosing a deck will be fun as I haven't really spent much time with my ridiculously large collection.

Guess I'd better get off for now as everyone else has gotten up and breakfast is just around the corner.
Tags: anahasthma, gardening, halloween, tarot
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