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Facebook is a Cesspool

Prior to this election year I've been able to stomach FB. It's been a good way to see pictures of my grandchildren. Of late, it's been so rife with political BS that I find it irritating, so I'm doing my best to stay away for a while, until after the elections are over.

Like all things, it's not entirely disgusting. I've reconnected with many old friends and high school classmates via social networking. I tell myself that's one of its positive attributes. And, nearly every day I have a short convo with my long lost cousin David from California. After 40 years of not communicating, I found him there on FB. Our relationship is very positive and so that's a second good thing. And now and again I come across the link to a good recipe.

Anah stayed home from school today as she was so very tired from the whole asthma incident last night. We watched numerous episodes of "The Great British Bakeoff" which we both enjoy. After that she chose "America's Top Models" which I endured.

I made Mississippi Roast for dinner tonight and it was well received and there are leftovers for tomorrow.

Anah has appointments with two different doctors tomorrow so I am hopeful that they will have appropriate remedies and solid advice. Both doctors are in Columbia so Erin and Anah will be headed that way. Odd, when I think what a big deal it used to be to get to go to Columbia when I was kid and how it's no longer that way.

I knitted a few rows on the shawl. Found a dropped stitch about 12 rows down and it took a long time to fix that and now I'm weary of the shawl. Yes, I know, no follow through, but I'll get it done some day, maybe even this year. Not letting myself order the yarn for the sweater slated as my next project until the shawl is complete.

The last book I read didn't end to suit me and it made me sad, became somewhat a mirror of my own life so I'm back to reading the Inspector Morse series by Colin Dexter.

No work on the construction site as it rained a bit today. They did, however, deliver a porta- potty so that portends that workmen are expected at some point soon.

Inspector Morse awaits me so I'm off for now into the night.
Tags: anahasthma, construction, facebooksucks, inspector morse
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