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The Stuff that Goes on Around Here

Last night was going to be a restful night. Anah was off to a Middle School Dance and football game afterward and Erin and I were listening to music. A beep from the phone put us on high alert. Anah was having an asthma attack and had forgotten her inhaler. Breaking all the speed limits Erin raced to the football field. She found Anah being comforted by a family friend and the principal and once she got her dose of albuterol, all was well though she was quite shaken up. We are hopeful that she will become more conscious of the need to always take the inhaler everywhere. Scary for all of us, grateful she's okay.

Today basically did nothing much, though I knit one row on the shawl and read a chapter in my latest book, "Our Souls at Midnight" by Kent Haruf.

And walked down to the newly dug basement to survey the changes in the landscape and take some measurements. Very different down there, but I can now see the orientation of the house now. I'm not so hot at imagining spatial things. They cleared out some brushy undergrowth and some scrub trees and now Erin will have a great view of the pond. We hope to enlarge it and perhaps have it deepened as well. We've been here 39 years and who knows how long before that the pond was dug; no doubt it's silted in. I'd also like to build a new dock and maybe get a john boat in which I can float and maybe even fish.

The weather was lovely today.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be peppy enough to do some outside chores or maybe not.

Tags: anah, asthma, basement, construction, erins house, pond
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