rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

No Dark Clouds Today

Today was Wednesday lunch day. I got out some of the Halloween decorations, my favorites.
Food was easy, got ribs and chicken from the local bbq place, and roasted some of the newly dug sweet potatoes. We had a bumper crop of them this season. I used up some of the small ones and left the skins on. Delicious, we loaded up on the butter. Today is Nikki's birthday, the anniversary of my mother's death, the anniversary of the husband's cancer diagnosis, and the anniversary of daughter #2's now defunct marriage. A day with heavy memories, but I must have got all of those vibes out of me with that wee crying jag on Sunday, and today I have had some lovely moments indeed.

The temperature is coming down again so hope to have the windows open all the time now.

Jesse is leaving for his home in Australia tomorrow. Erin has totally enjoyed his company. Big going away party at his sister's home tonight.

I have put together most of a gypsy costume which I am considering wearing to a Halloween party. It's on the 29th. If I don't do anything strenuous I should be in good shape by then to hang out, do some Tarot readings even.

Have been doing 30 minutes on ye olde stationary bike. Of course, I skipped today because I was getting ready for company. I'm glad I got out the Halloween stuff though. It is my favorite holiday.


Tags: exercise, halloween, tarot
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