rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Thieves in the Night

When the husband went out to his Jeep this morning he discovered that whilst we lay sleeping persons unknown had stolen a number of items from him. We quickly checked my car and my daughter's to find that they had been burgled as well. Our bad in a way I suppose as none of the vehicles were locked. We didn't lose much, flashlights, an MP3 player, daughter's IPod, phone chargers, and my IPod dock. What a creepy feeling it was thinking about someone rifling through our possessions. Dutifully called the Sheriff's office and they made a report. Figured it was best to let them know it had happened, though expect no results. At least it gave us an opportunity to register a complaint about the pickup parked on the wrong side of the road one house down. It nearly blocks the road, but apparently there's not much that can be done about it or the mound of trash that grows by the house.

After all of that and standing outside in the cold giving out information, the rest of the day really hasn't felt good.

And, neither have I.
Tags: cold, grumpy, thieves
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