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Wow, Thursday Already

After Monday's entry was sucked up by the data demons, I've been busy and haven't had much to say either so now's the time for some catch up.

Tuesday morning I returned to the library for a session of knitting club. A large number of knitters were there, a number of them were unknown to me. I was immediately overwhelmed by their sheer number and the cacophany of their voices was much like a flock of untidy birds, chirping, peeping, squawking, very noisy echoing from one stack of books to another. Uncomfortable. So, focused on the socks I've been knitting and they are complete. Yay me. I remembered to take my cushion so wasn't horribly painful, but once again not much fun. I have become hopelessly antisocial.

Wednesday was lunch at Nikki's. Food kinda sucked. She's on a no carb diet regime. I hope it makes her more healthy. Already she has dropped lbs and has less pain. Glad she's sticking with it. Ingrid was feeling a bit worthless and I was tired from being with the chirping knitting ladies so we weren't an very energetic group. Gave Nikki a short tutorial on long tail cast on and she did well. She'd like to learn to knit. Teaching is not, as they say, my long suit. I told her to look on YouTube for "long tail cast on." YouTube is a goldmine of how to vids.

Erin went to St. Louis to pick up her best friend from the airport. He flew in from Perth, Australia for his grandmother's funeral.

Joe and I went to the visitation for the above mentioned grandmother around 3 this afternoon. There wasn't a line for which I was grateful and not a lot of people. We didn't stay long. Joe hates the barbaric funeral rites in this culture as much as I do, so we don't go often and we don't stay long. I am especially unfond of the funeral home where the visitation was held as it is the same one from which all of my family has been buried.

Today my mother would have been 97 years old. She's been dead for 24 years, nearly a quarter of a century. I wish I had asked her more questions and listened more closely to the stories she told me. A very interesting woman, my mother.

I was tired and crabby when I got up this a.m as my sleep was not restful. There was a big thunderstorm this morning about 4 that woke me up. I laid there till 5 and watched the light show and enjoyed the thunder. The rain was welcome, the dust has been heavy on us for a while.

I can hear the cows down the road, calling out. Wonder if they're weaning calves and the mothers with their udders stretched to an unbearable tightness are crying, needing the relief of their offspring's soft mouths and eternal appetite.

Found a sock with a mate that I started and am working on that one now, finishing up projects laid aside during the knitting dry spell.

The fall is slow in coming. Trees beginning to turn, but no frost. We usually have frost by now.

Darkness falls and with it my energy.

I'll lie down, recline and just see how interesting the backs of my eyelids are tonight.


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Oct. 8th, 2016 02:33 am (UTC)
Driving Miss Norma
I heard this on the way home from the dog park, get the kleenex: http://www.npr.org/2016/10/07/497079353/driving-miss-norma-91-year-old-who-hit-the-road-after-cancer-diagnosis-dies

What a gift to all involved!

I hear you about being antisocial, but for me it's more because I'm a card carrying introvert than antisocial: I find parties or large social gatherings exhausting and crazy making. This is normal for introverts, and I can't tell you how liberating it was to get that affirmation. I love intimate one-on-one time, and of course, solitude. I joined a local social network a few years ago, (real people), thinking I needed to make new friends (which I do, there has been significant attrition), but had exactly the experience you describe. Yes. That. https://youtu.be/mvhFs2bdRpE BAL-zac Makes me laugh every time.

How to connect with potential friends remains an unsolved puzzle.

Oct. 8th, 2016 08:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Driving Miss Norma
Maybe someday I might watch that video but not up for it yet.

I might be using the wrong term when i call myself anti-social, could be it comes from being an introvert. I, too, find "large social gatherings exhausting and crazy making." Like that term crazy making, very good description of what happens when I am overstimulated.

I have two friendships, both around 40 yrs in duration. We see each other every other Wednesday for lunch. Usually 6 hrs together. It drains me. But i do love them and sometimes we have riotous good fun.

Solitude is rare since my husband retired, but at least he does the grocery shopping...lol

All the "feel good" literature says social interaction is a positive thing and vital to good mental health, I wonder???

Edited at 2016-10-08 08:36 pm (UTC)
Oct. 9th, 2016 12:28 am (UTC)
"I wish I had asked her more questions." I have the same wish, about my mother specifically and about her side of the family generally. But my father tended to dominate all discourse, within the family circle, and so it's the paternal side that I actually know something about. And like you, I had a sense that there were some interesting people and stories on the maternal side. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated both but just wish I could've been more openly curious about my mother's family and life...

Edited at 2016-10-09 12:29 am (UTC)
Oct. 10th, 2016 08:14 pm (UTC)
I do love reading the stories about your father. My father fought in the Pacific Theater, but he never shared stories, maybe because I'm a girl?
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